Year round
  • New shoes
  • New clothes
  • Old cellphones
  • Slightly used or new toys
  • Ipods with clean music
  • Anything
  • Christmas presents
  • Slightly used or new coats
  • Slightly used or new boots
  • Slightly used or new blankets
The Country Store
The Country Store is an in-house store that we use to teach our residents how to make purchases and develop money skills. The money used is recycled week-to-week helping to decrease any costs to the residents. Your donation here will help an individual with disabilities learn to use money!

Steps To Donate
  1. Call the facility at 801-225-0323 or email or
  2. Ask for Christine or Asia
  3. Tell us what you would like to donate
  4. Tell us when you will be able to bring the donation
  5. We will make sure everything else is ready on our end to receive the donation
247 North 100 East, Orem, UT 84057
801.225.032 801.225.0046
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