We are a 24 hour facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities. We currently have beds available for children and adults.

Medical Services:
  • We provide 24-hour nursing care.
  • We provide medication management programs.
  • Our nurses are specifically trained to assist individuals with epilepsy, manage feeding tubes, and much more.
Behavioral Services:
  • We create and follow Behavior Support Plans.
  • We have a consultant Psychologist and Psychiatrist.
  • We have trained direct care employees teaching replacement behaviors.
Active Treatment:
  • We provide yearly Individualized Programming Plans.
  • These pogramming plans are monitored at least monthly by professionals.
  • We provide a continuous teaching and training environment.
  • We coordinate the care plans between the facility and schools/day programs.
247 North 100 East, Orem, UT 84057
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